​Clay Wright Horsemanship

is about showing you how to see the details that are key to a meaningful level of communication between horse and rider. Regardless of your chosen riding discipline, solid foundation principles are necessary and universal to producing good horsemanship. Principles of quality horsemanship include:

  • The ability to feel what your horse is thinking and what physical balance his body is in--so you know how to help him.
  • The know-how that creates a relaxed willing partnership between you and your horse.
  • The skills to overcome mental and physical resistance which are the root of many problems--big or small.


​​Clay doesn't teach a method;

he believes in helping people learn how to understand or read what the horse is feeling, communicating, and showing, and what to do about it. You can learn how to work with the whole horse: mind, body, emotions, and spirit!

​Clay's patient, clear, and thorough way of teaching helps people and horses relax and absorb the details that create the ability to problem solve and advance their skill level. Horses gain confidence and learn the qualities that enable them to perform to their maximum potential. 

Clay helps you learn how to teach your horse to:

  • Focus, be obedient, and develop a sound work ethic.
  • Be content an relaxed with energetic, forward,
    supple movement.
  • Balance the horse's body in ways that produce impulsion, softness, and preparation for any advance maneuver.
  • ​Trust you, respect you, and have harmony in your relationship.