One on One Sessions
These sessions are offered either at your Barn, Sponsored Clinics or Paradise Valley Ranch.
 Who the One on One Sessions are for:

  • Anyone wishing to have a private lesson with Clay to work on a specific issue.
  • Anyone wanting Clay to work with his or her horse individually.
  • Anyone who has a serious--or not so serious problem with his or her horse.
  • Anyone wanting an evaluation of where their horse is at, and what it will require to either solve a problem or improve their communication skills.

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Overview of Classes

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Lunging and In-Hand Work--Groundwork
 This class is for:

  • Young horses being prepared to ride.
  • Horses that are stiff and/or resistant.
  • Those who wish to learn how to bring the horse on the aids by educating, preparing, and strengthening the horse before mounting.
  • Those who wish to learn the lateral moves before being mounted.
  • Horses ready for more refinement and collection.

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