Foundation Principles of Horsemanship--Groundwork

This class is for:

  • Those wanting to refine their skills and increase their understanding of what it takes to create a safe useful horse.
  • Anyone wishing to increase his or her knowledge of the details that are essential to understand in order to have a horse that is non-resistant, content, and safe to be around and ride.
  • Those preparing the young horse to be ridden.
  • Those working through problems of behavior or balance with their horse.
  • People with issues, such as fear, anxiety, or a lack of confidence.

What this class will offer you and your horse:

  • A gain in confidence on the ground, which will transfer into the saddle with your horse.
  • Learn basic schooling techniques and skills that prepare the horse for the first rides or to improve the horses balance and cooperation.
  • Learn how to create balance and bring the horse onto the bit.
  • Learn how to communicate your desires to the horse in a manner that the horse can understand.
  • Learn how to prepare the horse for transitions, changes of rein,
  • changes of gait, etc.
  • How to establish leadership through being able to help the horse balance himself, relax and become content, and through gaining the skills which help the horse understand your requests.
  • Learn exercises (in the halter and with the bit) such as; one-rein driving, yielding to presences and pressure, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, in-hand flexions. The horses will be worked long and low and up on the bit in self-carriage.
  • Learn how to create relaxation in the horse and stretch his back, bringing these two things together with forward movement creating engagement in the horse’s back and an obedient horse.