Foundation Principles of

Horsemanship In The Saddle

This class is for:

  • Those with green or young horses. (Must be comfortable riding the horse in a group at walk and trot).
  • Those who wish to increase their understanding of how to rid the horse of resistances and create soft willing partners with their horses.
  • Those who wish to increase their knowledge of how to build or re-build a sound foundation in their horse. 
  • Inexperienced riders or riders dealing with fears.

What this class will offer you and your horse:

  • Learn the flexions while mounted.
  • The proper use of leg, hand, seat, and other aids.
  • How to balance the horse and your body for various gaits and maneuvers.
  • How to regulate and vary the pace of the horse.
  • How to bring the horse on the aids.
  • Learn how perfecting and combing the three foundation exercises of lateral flexions, longitudinal flexions, and the free walk create obedience and are the foundation for any of the advanced maneuvers you ever wish to do.
  • How to perfect the halt and rein-back,
  • Changes of gait, rein, etc.