Who the One on One Session is for:

  • Anyone wishing to have a private lesson with Clay to work on a specific issue.
  • Anyone wanting Clay to work with his or her horse individually.
  • Anyone who has a serious - or not so serious problem with his or her horse.
  • Anyone wanting an evaluation of where their horse is at, and what it will require to either solve a problem or improve their communication skills.

One on One Sessions will run for approximately one hour each.  The cost for the session is  in addition to the other class fees. One on One Sessions are reserved for students registered to participate in a Clay Wright Horsemanship classes. However, if any slots are left over, they will be available to anyone wanting a private lesson. During the session Clay will determine the best approach to help the horse and rider. Check with your sponsor to see if One on One sessions will be offered at the clinic you are planning to attend. 

This may be:

  • Clay working the horse on the ground.
  • Clay riding the horse.
  • Clay instructing the student while the student rides the horse.
  • Clay instructing the student while the student works the horse on the ground.

One on One Sessions