This class is for:

  • Those interested in learning the intricacies and details involved in creating a quality riding horse for any discipline.
  • Those who feel they are ready to take their horses, or are currently working on exercises and maneuvers, beyond the elementary work.
  • Those who may be encountering difficulties in some part of the more advanced work.
  • Those who may want to understand more about, or find different approaches to obtaining advanced maneuvers. 

What this class will offer you and your horse:

  • How to further the development of the horse’s balance and collection through understanding how to control the horse’s driving leg, placement of weight, and through the development of the horse’s rhythm, pace, tempo, and cadence. 
  • Specific exercises to practice the above.
  • Learn the lateral movements as well as other exercises and their role in developing a supple, light, collected saddle horse.
  • A deeper more intense study of the horse’s balance, and the resistances in the horse that may be affecting that balance as well as the horse’s performance.
  • Develop more feel in the rider’s back, seat, legs, and hands in order to reach through the whole horse and create refinement of the aids or invisible aids.
  • Insights in how to better prepare and help the horse understand how to prepare for specific transitions: such as, lead departs, lead changes, collected canter, piaffe, etc.
  • The understanding of how and why it is through the use of the lateral movements and the changes of gait and pace that develop the collection, and ready the horse for work and maneuvers required in a more advanced riding horse—a quality saddle horse.

Refined Horsemanship.