Terms and Exercises to Practice

​By Clay Wright


1.      GAIT—walk, trot, or canter.

2.      PACE—variance of ground covered within a gait or one complete stride.

3.      RHYTHM—the beat.

4.      TEMPO—the speed over a certain distance, frequency of the movement,           and repetition of rhythm.

5.      CADENCE—prolonged suspension. 

Foundation Exercises To Practice

First Practice     

  •           Lateral Flexion.
  •       Free Walk.
  •       Longitudinal Stretching.
  •       Longitudinal Flexion. 

Second Practice

  •         Circles, S’s, Figure Eights, Serpentines, Teardrops, and Changes of          Rein.
  •      Straight Lines and Squares. 

And Last

Lateral Movements

  •             Shoulder-In.
  •         Half-Pass.
  •         Haunches-In.
  •         Turn on Forehand.
  •         Flexions of the Croup.
  •         Pirouettes.
  •         Turn on Haunches.

Clay Riding his Lusitano Stallion Airoso