The Lateral Movements

Shoulder In, Haunches In, Half-Pass

This class is for:

Horses and riders who understand and can perform the basics of elementary schooling:

Can walk, trot, and canter the horse in the working gaits.
Can perform correct halts, and rein-back
Can perform correct change of rein through serpentines and figure eights.

Those who wish to reach a higher level of horsemanship and have a horse that is not just useful, but one that can accomplish the job at hand with ease, grace, and enjoyment. 

What this class will offer you and your horse:

  • How to further the horse’s education beyond elementary schooling thus preparing and educating the horse into greater balance and collection which is the preparation for lead departs, lead changes, pirouettes, spins, rollbacks, piaffe, passage, etc.
  • How to prepare and balance the horse for transitions in changes of rein, changes of pace, and changes of gait.
  • Learn the qualities and values of the lateral movements—why and how they help develop a supple, light, collected saddle horse.
  • Learn how to change the placement of the horse's weight to and from one quarter to another, and how to change bend and/or driving leg of the horse through transitions from one lateral movement to another.
  • Learn how the different lateral movements can help the horse overcome and/or enhance various personality traits and/or behavioral problems.
  • A deeper sense of connection and unity with your house