Understanding How to Work Through The Horse's Back

This class is for:

  • Horses being ridden under saddle from very green to advanced. 
  • Anyone who wishes to develop and have balance in their horse's movements.
  • Anyone who wishes to better understand how to bring the horse onto the aids, build collection, and/or improve the quality in their gaits and lightness on the bit.
  • Those who wish to refine their aids and communication with the horse.
  • Those who are having difficulties keeping the horse soft and on the bit.
  • Those who are having difficulties keeping the attention of the horse.
  • Those who may  be experiencing behavioral problems. As long as these problems will not interfere with the safety of others in the group. Problems of greater difficulty are better dealt with on an individual basis not in a group format.

What this class will offer you and your horse:

  • Analyze the braces or resistances in the horse and learn how to address them in order to bring balance and contentment to the horse. 
  • How to  unite the front and hindquarters of the horse, so they compliment and work together.
  • Learn to  recognize what it looks and feels like when the horse is engaging its back.
  • Learn the proper aids and feels to be able to get the horse working through its back. 
  • Learn the exercises that help promote the horse to work through its back and come up on the aids, and why the exercises do this. 
  • Learn how combining the physical balance and the emotional contentment create obedience in your horse.
  • Learn how to bring the horse from on the aids into collection through the combination of relaxation, free forward movement, suppleness, lightness, engagement, and impulsion.